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Watchy SpeedLink provides reliable, high speed mobile Internet connection for businesses, without using expensive leased lines or Satellite based systems. Our clientèle includes Tamil Nadu Police, Redbus, CommonFloor, LG, Firepro, Toshiba, Hindustan Unilever, TEDx to name a few.

SpeedLink is a portable Wi-Fi router that combines 8 different cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G) from any vendor and provides the sum of all the bandwidth capacities as one super fast Internet connection. Now you can live stream video from anywhere, upload video and files faster, get better experience with Google hangout & Skype.

Watchy SpeedLink was awarded “Most Innovative product” by NASSCOM. And selected as Top 10 QDIC startup by Qualcomm.

Why you need Speedlink

shuttle watchy

Increase productivity of the Team

Team productivity increases when they can make use of travel time for work. Enable High Speed Internet in Office Shuttle bus and Cabs.

Event watchy speedlink

Event Live Streaming

Live streaming is a significant differentiator for Event Managers and Videographers. Present more value to your customer and increase your profits.

Watchy Speedlink news coverage

Faster News Coverage

Send more teams to cover news equipped with SpeedLink uplink. Cost effective than OBvans. Works  well with camera with internal encoder like JVC GY-HM650

infra watchy speedlink

Infrastructure Projects

Get complete track of infrastructure projects using high speed connectivity.





  • Bonds bandwidth of up to 8 network connections
  • Supports 2.5G (GPRS, CDMA 1x ), 3G ( EVDO REV A, EVDO REV B, UMTS, HSPA ) and 4G (LTE) Wireless cellular networks from multiple vendors
  • Supports bonding WIFI and WAN along with 2.5G (EVDO), 3G & 4G networks
  • Automatically connects to network when a USB dongle modem is inserted
  • Simple dashboard interface to monitor connections
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Ethernet/LAN port to connect with computer, encoder
  • WIFI Hot spot to use with Tablets and Mobile phones

Speedlink pictures

Speedlink Dashboard

speedlink dashboard

Monitor and control Speedlink using our web based dashboard. Now you can visually monitor the connection state of each dongle. Also monitor the total download and upload speed and track the total data usage for the session. All the above using any tablet or smartphone or laptop


Enterprise – For TV / Media Channels, Live streaming service providers

  • Comes with on-premise server license for Maxwell server
  • Data is completely within your enterprise network
  • Each Maxwell server supports up to 10 Speedlink
  • Access to all internet

Subscription – For Live steaming service providers, Event Managers, Videographers

  • We host the Maxwell server for you
  • Affordable monthly subscription for the server
  • 6 Months subscription free with every Speedlink
  • Access to all internet


Why Speedlink?
Many cities and rural places in India have poor internet infrastructure. The available internet infrastructure like 2.5G networks are too slow for video and data upload. Speedlink smartly leverages the slow speed internet connections from multiple vendors to build a fast internet upload for you.

How it works?
Speedlink intercepts all packets, splits and routes them in available connections based on patent-pending Speedlink-intelligent algorithm. The packet chunks are assembled at our remote packet assembler service and routed to the destination, which ensures no packet drops in transmission.
To dial the Internet dongles, plug in to the Speedlink and it automatically detects and dials the dongle. Zero configuration feature. To check the connection status, connect Speedlink to Laptop/Desktop or IPad/Tablet over WiFi HotSpot or Ethernet and open any browser to start the admin interface, a simple and intuitive user interface shows the connected dongle with signal strength, current upload/download speed and upload/download data usage. User interface allows user to control the Speedlink like shutdown, restart and firmware update.

What types of Internet connection can be used with Speedlink?
Speedlink can handle 2.5G/3G/4G Internet dongles of any operator and WiFi. Initial Speedlink version supports 2.5G/3G and later versions will support 4G ,DSL and WiFi.

What application can Speedlink work with?
Speedlink can work with any application (browser based applications and software based application) which requires internet connectivity. Does not rely on client’s operating system.

Will Speedlink work all over India.
We support most of the cities across India. Call Watchy support to get specific city details.

Is my data secure? Where are your data centres?
Yes, your data is secure. For Indian customers, data centres are located in India.

Why subscription fee?
Speedlink works by splitting the data in to as many connections and sending each portion through one interface. Now all the portions of data has to re-assembled to create the original data stream. This done by our Remote packet assembling server. Running this server involves significant cost and that is why we charge subscription fee.

I don’t want to pay subscription fee. Can you install the packet assembler in my office?
If you are confident that you have a IT team to maintain the server, then we can provide pre installed packet assembler server for additional cost. Please contact our support team for more details.