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SpeedLink is a portable Internet bonding device gives empowerment to the enterprise to aggregate bandwidth up to 8 different networks (2G,3G,4G, LTE) for seamless Internet connection. SpeedLink is especially designed for those organizations who are searching for robust, scalable and reliable high speed Internet with easy to use network setting. With tight integration of hardware and technology, Watchy SpeedLink gives flexibility to the network to switch from one WAN to another in the case of one WAN is failing to give you Internet connection.

Our Company mission is to provide innovative and reliable networking solution. And our product and services are focused on providing a range of services to cater all segments of the market for small to mid-size companies to large corporates. 

SpeedLink is a multi cellular router which is capable of monitoring WAN quality and all traffic are managed automatically by the software defined rules which are configured on a device and it does not require any human interaction to manage the network performance. Our clientèle includes Tamil Nadu Police, Redbus, CommonFloor, LG, Firepro, Toshiba, Hindustan Unilever, TEDx to name a few.

SpeedLink provides various benefit to the customer :

  • High speed Internet in the weak signal area or remote locations.
  • Reliable backup Internet connection for large corporates.
  • In-vehicle Internet for traveller Van.
  • High speed Internet for live streaming.
  • High speed Internet connection for surveillance

Watchy SpeedLink was awarded  as a “Most Innovative product” by NASSCOM. And selected by Qualcomm in Top 10 QDIC startup .


3X SpeedLink – It is a mobile multi – cellular router which aggregates bandwidth up to 3 different networks to increase the bandwidth capacity to provide a high speed Internet connection.

8X SpeedLinkIt is a portable Internet bonding device which combines up to 8 different networks to provide unbreakable, high speed Internet connection.


Uplink Downlink Internet Bonding – SpeedLink boosts both uplink and downlink connections to provide seamless access to the Internet or to your endpoints. This is achieved by aggregating 2G/3G/4G/LTE cellular technologies. Essentially, what you get is an ultra-fast connection to transfer data – be it files, web pages, real-time video, etc.

Faster Speed – We are offering you reliability on Internet speed as it aggregates up to 8 different networks. And our advanced technology enables SpeedLink to combine all the downlink at one go to boost the speed with the help of software protocol, SpeedLink combines all the Internet access intelligently to provide you faster speed in the case of the single HTTP session.

Failover – SpeedLink maintains secure tunnel over all the WAN to keep the connection going on in the case of one Internet connection failed. It gives you uninterrupted session without any packet loss.

Why you need Speedlink

shuttle watchy

Increase productivity of the Team

Team productivity increases when they can make use of travel time for work. Enable High Speed Internet in Office Shuttle bus and Cabs.

Event watchy speedlink

Event Live Streaming

Live streaming is a significant differentiator for Event Managers and Videographers. Present more value to your customer and increase your profits.

Watchy Speedlink news coverage

Faster News Coverage

Send more teams to cover news equipped with SpeedLink uplink. Cost effective than OBvans. Works  well with camera with internal encoder like JVC GY-HM650

infra watchy speedlink

Infrastructure Projects

Get complete track of infrastructure projects using high speed connectivity.




Technical Specification

  • Bonds bandwidth of up to 8 network connections
  • Supports 2.5G (GPRS, CDMA 1x ), 3G ( EVDO REV A, EVDO REV B, UMTS, HSPA ) and 4G (LTE) Wireless cellular networks from multiple vendors
  • Supports bonding WIFI and WAN along with 2.5G (EVDO), 3G & 4G networks
  • Automatically connects to network when a USB dongle modem is inserted
  • Simple dashboard interface to monitor connections
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Ethernet/LAN port to connect with computer, encoder
  • WIFI Hot spot to use with Tablets and Mobile phones

Speedlink pictures

SpeedLink Dashboard

speedlink dashboard

Monitor and control SpeedLink using our web based dashboard. Now you can visually monitor the connection state of each dongle. Also monitor the total download and upload speed and track the total data usage for the session. All the above using any tablet or smartphone or laptop